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Welcome to Refer to Cox!

Refer Customers, Earn Rewards.

Introducing Refer to Cox Customer and Partner Referral Program. When you refer friends and family to Cox Communications, you both benefit. Your friends get the opportunity to subscribe to award-winning digital services – and you get the opportunity to earn Cox Rewards!

Now you can help customers and prospective customers get these valuable services by referring customers through the Cox referral program – while earning rewards too!

You will earn Cox Rewards dollars for qualified referrals that result in an installed sale for Cox services on a Cox Rewards Visa Debit card.

Participation is easy!

  1. Simply ask the customer if they would like to learn more about Cox services.
  2. With their approval, create a referral on their behalf.
  3. Inform the customer that they will be contacted by a Cox representative or have them call 1-877-912-0558.
  4. Once the referral results in an installed sale, you will receive awards through your Cox Rewards Card.

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